Discover How To Convert VHS To DVD And Other Formats

There is no doubt that VHS has become an old object, since even though a couple of decades ago it was the only physical support available for video recording, the truth is that with the advance of technology in the field audiovisual and the arrival of the digital era, the videotape is just a memory of the past. But it is also very true that those of us over 30 probably keep some VHS that contains historical material of our life in some memory box.

Do not think we want to make you feel old, but do you remember the time when your parents used VHS to record your presentation at school, sports event or your birthday? Those happy times of our childhood that will not come back, because with the passage of time and the development of technology, unfortunately for many, the VHS has remained in the past. However, that does not mean that your memories should die with him. Discover how to convert VHS to DVD and other formats so you can keep remembering and laughing at those good times!

VHS Conversion Services TO DVD in Detail:

Many large retail companies offer VHS to DVD conversion services. Alternatively, there are a couple of excellent websites such as that offer the same service, at a more affordable price, if you feel comfortable sending VHS tapes yourself.

Why Go to a Professional to Convert VHS Tapes to DVD?

If you are in Santa Monica, you should know that the change of weather, humidity, among other factors between them over time can deteriorate your VHS tapes. That’s why it’s convenient to take advantage of the conversion of online tapes to keep your favorite moments, experiences or movies alive.

Undoubtedly, the conversion of VHS tapes to DVD in Santa Monica by the hand of a professional allows you to save space in the home by getting rid of the trunk of memories. In addition, it is the perfect option to preserve the visual quality of your most valuable experiences and ensure that they are not lost with the passage of time.

Leave in The Hands of a Professional the Conversion of VHS Tapes to DVD in  Santa Monica

Thanks to the digital era, the conversion of online tapes has become very popular. On the web it is easy to find tutorials that explain the procedure step by step, however, to guarantee high-quality results the best thing you can do is to trust the conversion of VHS tapes to DVD to a professional.

Although it seems very simple, digitizing tapes has some complexity that only an expert can master to perfection to offer you results that will make the difference as:

  • Digital copies are resistant to damage and highly durable over time.
  • You can enjoy your favorite movies and special moments on DVD players or PCs.
  • The copies obtained are identical to the originals, they can even be compressed and then stored in MP3 so that you can enjoy the content without limits.

How Does a Professional Convert VHS Tapes to DVD?

This procedure is carried out through many steps that when completed correctly result in digital copies with sharpness and incomparable audio. This way you will not have to take charge of the risk that the digitalization does not meet the expectations set. When converting VHS tapes to DVD, the professional must comply with each of these steps:

  • You must have a video player, capture device and capture software to transfer the VHS tape to the computer.
  • Then it will be the moment to select in the computer the file that will be transferred from VHS to DVD and add it in a specific program for it.
  • With a video editor, the visual quality of the file is improved by placing all the necessary effects to improve its sharpness.
  • The professional in digitalization can verify the result of the edition made. Once you are satisfied with the improvements, it will be time to start recording the file on DVD.

To execute each of these steps successfully, it is necessary for the expert to have essential tools to obtain the best results. Best of all, you can now opt for the conversion of online tapes that gives you unbeatable quality in less time.

No need to install on your computer programs that you do not know how to use or connect cables that will be a headache, trust a professional to make the conversion of VHS tapes to DVD in Santa Monica and treasure forever your most precious memories.


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